Biodermogenesi Stretch Mark Treatment

Biodermogenesi is the only way to ensure that stretch marks are precisely healed independently of age or characteristics . Scientific experiments have shown us that the edges of fine lines can be replaced by filling in any other method that has been proposed for this aesthetic problem until now.

Bi-One® is the only academically proven method to produce long-lasting results that can effectively correct stretch marks and fine lines.

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In the treatment process, the stretch marks will lose their depth as from the first session, lose their permeability properties that make them a typical aesthetic problem, and will have a smoother look and a similar appearance with the surrounding skin.

Bi-One increases and stabilizes lymphatic blood circulation and volume, and turns the color of the stretch marks back to normal. The renewal process continues on the skin affected by the stretch marks until the stretch marks are tanned and have a perfect fit with the healthy skin together (depth and tanning).

The result obtained with Bio-one is precise, stable and permanent. The vascular working function and capillary blood circulation, re-acting cell metabolism, keeps on being stabilized from treatment to treatment until a look similar to the look of skin before the stretch marks as a final result.
During the course of the treatment, it results the skin get rid of the toxins existing in the intracellular area by re-activation of the lymphatic microcirculation. The revitalizing effect initiates its role in elastic collagen skin, provides the necessary assist to pores for feeding with blood and re-activates fibroblast.

Unlike other methods, the treatment provides a painless biological structuring without causing any damage and approximately 15-20 sessions 2 times in a week should be enough. Each session takes 40 minutes.

Biodermogenesis never causes problems or side effects on different cases treated. Immediately after the treatment you can do anything you wish. You are free to sunbathe, wear stretchy clothes, take a shower with hot water (wait for two hours for cold water), use of perfume, and do anything else in life.

This method proved to be highly effective for body and breast firming and anti-aging treatments.

An average of 15-20 sessions for body firming and 20 sessions for breasts are usually needed twice a week. You also need 40 minutes for each session.

Batch facial care with Bi-One® takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
It creates an anti-aging effect by getting rid of fine wrinkles, tightening your skin, moisturizing your skin and balancing the pH level.
No cosmetic product, massage or face mask should be applied after treatment in order to avoid lowering the effect of the treatment.

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