Body and Lower Extremity

Body and Lower Extremity Surgery which is applied in healing of the open wounds in the leg and body, pressure sores and traumas, is among the contemporary advanced practices. In the body surgery, malicious and benign tumors on and under the skin are treated. At the same time, deformities of innate chest wall can also be corrected, lack of breasts and correction of over-sized breasts are also intended.

Body and Lower Extremity Surgery is preferred when the body lifting procedures are needed without significant excess fat and there is a higher-level sagging on the skin. In addition to that, it is also preferred for loosening and cellulite formations on the body and loosening on the inner part of the thigh. When we look at the advantages of the body lifting, there are also the advantages such as a real improvement in skin quality and having a smoother skin. Disadvantages include the need for surgical operation, the long duration of the operation, and the formation of surgical scars.

Especially in the elderly people with accompanying diseases, general anesthesia and central and peripheral regional anesthesia can be used in the orthopedic surgeries of the lower extremity. This study examines the efficacy of combined sciatic / femoral block techniques and spinal anesthesia in terms of patient-surgeon satisfaction applied in orthopedic surgeries of the lower extremity. The use of regional anesthesia (RA) techniques comes with many advantages such as keeping the patient awake during the operation, continuation of spontaneous breathing, maintaining protective reflexes, early mobilization in the post-administration period and shortening of the hospitalization period.

Body and Lower Extremity Surgery is a surgical procedure that requires considerable attention and offers successful results. Following these procedures, which are preferred by applying spinal anesthesia, the lower extremity area will also have a healthier appearance. This practice, which aims to reestablish all regions of the legs with surgical interventions after being diagnosed by specialist surgeons, continues to maintain its validity because it gives realistic results. This surgical practice performing reconstruction of open wounds in the body and legs and diagnosis and treatment procedures of the disease such as lymphedema also allows surgical interventions of tumor treatments.

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