Burns, known as the most severe traumas, can be seen as chemical, thermal or electrical burns. According to their severity, they are classified as first, second and third-degree burns. While the most superficial burns is 1st degree burns, the burns that are considered as the severest are 3rd degree burns.

Work and home accidents are the most important causes of burns. This situation, which may vary according to severity, breadth and type, can be treated in a burn center or in a hospital. Organs can also be affected because there is a systemic injury. Life-critical situations can occur when proper treatment is not applied. While burns take a very important place in the diagnosis and treatment process, this situation can be corrected by surgical treatments.

First of all, it is necessary to have knowledge about pathophysiology which has local burn injuries. In this two-stage case, the burn injury consists of contact or damages occurred within 24 to 48 hours. Burns can also cause many complications. These types of complications are also common in burns, as infection is a risk even in the simplest of injuries. In the respiratory system, there are side effects that can be seen with head and neck burns.
The general treatment of burn wounds and scars are performed in plastic surgery clinics. Burns are a condition that must be treated at an early stage because they deface the appearance and disrupts the function of the organs. Burn treatment which is one of the repair and aesthetic treatments gives much more positive results in early interventions.

When an individual is burned, the burns must first be treated with cold water. It is also important that the burned area is cooled, and the patient is stripped, and the burned areas are assessed. Then the burned tissue is cleaned. These interventions that will be done in the early period are followed by dressing operations. It is then decided by a specialist surgeon whether there should be switched to a different practice or not. If any skin loss occurs in late burns, assistance can be obtained from plastic surgeons. It is aimed to repair the burn marks by taking the successful results with the aesthetic interventions to be performed on the skin repair. Since these applications are quite improved nowadays, they produce positive outcomes.

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