Buttocks Aesthetics

Like all part of your body, the hip region is also in the forefront in beauty evaluation. If you want your hip region to gain a more aesthetic figure, you can have a more beautiful hip contour with the necessary operations. Butt Aesthetics is done in stages according to the needs of the patients.
Depending on the structural characteristics of the body, it may be disturbing for the people that the buttocks may be flat by nature, or it may be saggy due to aging. Therefore, Buttocks aesthetic procedures can be applied through implants, fat injection and surgery methods. In the application of shaping via implants; silicone implants, which are also used in breast augmentation operations, are used. These implants are arranged according to the anatomical shape. It is performed by making incisions on the relevant region and inserting the implants from the incision at the lower part of the butt. This application is the most preferred method today. Another application is reshaping through fat injection. This application, which allows raising and lifting the buttocks, is made by injecting the fat taken from the patient into the butt (autologous fat injection). Excess fat taken from the hips, abdomen, thighs or waist areas are applied in the buttock to make it look better. No special care is required after this operation. Corset use is recommended. The last application is butt lifting or lifting the buttock through surgery. While butt lifting procedure through special sutures is not preferred generally, butt lifting through surgery is mostly preferable recently. However, it cannot be said that it is generally used because of the scars after the surgical applications or post-surgical complications. It is recommended that young patients prefer the application of contouring through implants.

Since the buttocks area is the most affected area from gravity and it is the most protruding area in the human body, it loses its resistance after fast weight gain and loss, post-conception period and diet practices. Through aesthetic application on the buttocks area where the deformities can be seen after 30s, positive results can be gained in short time now. . Different methods such as butt tightening, butt lifting, butt downsizing, butt contouring and creating sacral dimple are among today’s aesthetic surgeries and are carried out by successful specialists in a healthy manner.

To whom buttocks aesthetic can be performed?

Buttocks aesthetics can be performed to all patients, who are not satisfied with the shape of their butts. Patients usually complain that their butts are flattened, low, or too wide.

Is it a risky operation?

Butt aesthetics are not very high-risk operations depending on the applied procedure. It can be as risky as every operation at least. Those are the minimal risks that the surgeon must correct them.

What methods are used to perform buttocks aesthetics?

Buttocks aesthetic procedures can be applied through implants, fat injection and surgery methods.

When can I go back to my daily life after a buttocks aesthetic?

The patient may return to his/her daily life on the same day. However, in some methods, depending on the importance of the procedure, the patient may be away from normal life for 1-2 weeks.

What is the success rate in buttocks aesthetic?

The rate of success and patient satisfaction is high in a very large proportion of buttocks aesthetic cases. The results are mostly satisfactory.

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