Chemical Peeling

It is a treatment method used to improve skin appearance, reduce hyperpigmentation rate and provide color homogeneity, even to improve deep wrinkles.
In dermatological troubles, it is possible to reach very good results with correct and proper use in acne and melasma.

In the case of superficial peeling, the target is to remove the cells from the surface of the skin and accelerate the process of reaching the surface of young cells from below. This treatment enables that the skin has a smoother and more homogeneous look, it cleanses the skin from black spots and establishes a fat-moisture balance, which eliminates the problems such as excessive gloss and dryness of the skin. Depending on the purpose of the individual and the purpose of use, it usually takes about 4-6 sessions in a week or two. Again, It is applied in the form of a few sessions of cures depending of the need and age. The strength of the peeling agent can be increased according to the reason of the treatment and the tolerability of the patient.

Chemical peeling is a process that must be applied in winter and under protection.

After application, the sunscreen should be used regularly (at least SPF15 leevel in 2 hours intervals). The skin will be sensitive and open to irritations after the procedure, therefore, it is necessary to stay away from the baths with hot water, exercises that cause sweating, and sauna, which increases the body temperature. Again, manual irritation of the sensitive skin should not be increased as much as possible, and it is important that the female patients not to apply make-up immediately after the procedure, preferably for a few days.
Situations where chemical peeling should not be applied:

• Serious sunburns
• Known allergies
• Open wounds
• Very recent face process.
• Rozasea formed skin with the near-the-surface capillaries
• Active herpes infection
• Pregnancy
• Use of skin medicines causing skin sensitivity such as retinoic acid, salicylic acid

Although chemical peeling may seem to be comfortable, it can be extremely harmful in benighted hands as it is in every practice.

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