Genital Surgery

Genital Surgery is a surgery which aims to solve the problems occurred in male and female genital organs after trauma, infection, tumor surgery or congenitally. Frequently women can be treated with plastic techniques because of the congenital absence of vagina and disorders in the external genital area.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be performed with Genital Surgery, which is preferred to correct and improve the appearance of the genital area. With these surgical applications, the external genitalia and vagina can be given a younger appearance. In addition, these operations are referred to in order to provide a more compact function. Today, it is a highly preferred surgical method for a healthy sexual life. –

The firmness, strength and tightness of the area around the vaginal tissue is lost due to aging, vaginal births, congenital problems and trauma. In many women’s vagina, dissatisfaction and looseness may occur. The same situation applies to men during sexual intercourse. All of these situations can be rectified by applying Genital Surgery techniques in situations such as thickness, lengthiness or lack of uniformity in the small lips of the vagina. It can be preferred for removal of discomfort during sexual intercourse and chronic pains. The purpose of this operation is to increase the tightness and so the satisfaction during sexual intercourse and to correct the shape of the vagina. Generally, women who had more than one vaginal delivery prefer vaginoplasty (tightening up the vagina) operations. Because the complaints are mostly from such ladies. In general, complaints such as no being able to clutch / to feel the penis, and being unsatisfied after a sexual intercourse can now be corrected after Genital Surgery. In addition, problems such as mass formation in vagina and urinary incontinence can also be seen in patients.

Procedures are started by operations that can be performed with local and general anesthesia. This operation can last from 30 to 45 minutes. The patient can have sexual intercourse after 4 or 5 weeks after completion of the operation. Nowadays it is kept on being performed as a satisfactory operation. The risk of this problem is also increasing due to weakened ligaments and muscle tissue in older women. Nevertheless, this can be completely corrected by early diagnosis and treatment methods.

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