Hand Surgery

Basically, Hand surgery, which contains chronic hand diseases, rheumatic disorders, acute and congenital anomalies, tumor-like conditions and hand traumas are treated and replant operations are also performed. Most of the methods applied in this surgery are using micro surgical principles and methods. This concept, which is commonly known incorrectly, is not a surgical branch, but it consists of techniques and principles used in surgical areas.

This is used in dupuytren’s contracture, which is defined as a disease that develops over time, although it is not often seen, and progresses due to the thickening of a tissue in the palm and leads to the fingers become permanently bent in a flexed position in the hand surgery practices and treatments along with the cleaning of tissues and brings successful developments with it. Apart from this disease, It is also used in situations called cubital phlegm or carpal and seen in many nerve compression in the body. The drowsiness that occurs in such diseases is manifested by factors such as myolysis and pain in the muscles. In this sense, diagnosis and treatment should not be late.

Along with the developments experienced in the field of industry in Turkey today, hand trauma cases have started to be seen very often. In these cases, more nerve and vein and bone injuries are seen. Plastic surgeons can also provide procedures in one session to repair these structures. The Hand Surgery, which deals with the diseases of the upper extremity and their treatments, is finding solutions for many permanent and temporary problems affecting our life, which corrupts the functions of the hand, particularly for the injuries. hand surgery applications are utilized in all kinds of genetic and traumatic conditions as well as all kinds of defects of the structures such as muscles and bones in the upper joint areas.

In addition to these conditions, hand surgery is also used in the treatment of electrical burns and chemical and thermal burns. It is intended to reduce limb losses through tissue transplants and vascular repairs. Since the tissues and organs that are living in the body need blood circulation, all these operations are performed by Hand Surgery and the functioning of the body functions is being reinstated. Today, these successfully performed procedures result in positive outcomes thanks to the operations performed by experienced surgeons using special equipment.

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