Head and Neck Surgery

Effective results can be obtained by using Head and Neck Surgery in cases of jaw joint disorders, lip crevices, facial trauma and palsy. It is also known as a surgical branch that deals with the repair of these areas. Abnormalities in the jawbone can be corrected in a short time thanks to this surgical branch.

The deformities that can occur in the facial bones and the problems that are seen in the skull bones can be treated early on, and these diseases can be corrected with the procedures applied by Head and Neck Surgery. Nowadays, the problems that are experienced due to misalignment of jaws are seen frequently. The treatment process is initiated with the help of the head and neck surgery together with the orthodontic treatment.  Problems of jaw joints are also frequently complained situations. In addition to this, habits such as joint traumas, tooth disorders and tooth creaking disrupt the chin order over time. Then headache can then be seen and after these conditions diagnosed by examination, it may become necessary to resort head and neck surgery.

In addition to the jaw joints, lip crevices can also be congenital. In particular, clefts that can be seen as a slight notch on the lips can be treated with Head and Neck Surgery. After scheduling the surgery, the patients are taken into practice together with this surgical field and the operation is started. Facial trauma is one of the most common cases today. This situation, which is mostly seen after work and traffic accidents, can develop after mild soft tissue injuries and together with tissue losses, traumas around the eye and face. This situation can be corrected with the surgical methods applied.

Tissue loss can occur after trauma that can be seen in the neck and head region, skin and scalp, and the supraorbital. It can be repaired using micro surgical techniques. It is also important to make early diagnosis and treatment in traumas that may occur after facial paralysis. Muscle transplants can also be done in facial palsy together with nerve transplant procedures and eyelid interventions. Therefore, physical therapy process can be applied after that. While Head Neck Surgery deals with all these problems, it continues to offer solutions to the problems of the patients. It maintains its validity as a developing and frequently preferred practice in today’s world.

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