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Alexandrite laser is a technology having 755 nanometer wave length, which contains the most sensitive energy to the color of the hair and the diode laser having 810 nanometer wave length is a little bit more sensitive and has a feature to detect thinner hair and finally Nd Yag Laser shows very limited sensitivity with its 1024 nm wave length by transferring the energy into the deeper layer of the skin.

Alexandrite wave length is most sensitive to dark hairs due to effective absorption of melanin to the broadest hair types, thus provides more energy absorption. Since the same pigment is also available in the skin, its use on dark-skinned people shall not be safe, 775 nm wave length targets bulge of the hair root and especially effective on the hair superficially buried at the areas such as eyebrow and upper lip, however, there are publications stating that it is not effective on the other parts of the face, even it is stated that it activates the thin hair on the face and thickens them.

Classical wavelength in the diode epilation method, which is 810 nm length, can penetrate to the deeper parts of the hair roots with a power having higher average and provides a better epilation effect, 810 nm has an average melanine absorption level, which makes the procedures safer for darker skin types. While the ability to penetrate the mid-tissue, depth is ideal for the treatment of the arms, legs cheeks and beard, the deep penetration capacity targets the Bulb and Bump sections of the hair root.

YAG 1064 wave length is characterized by lower melanin absorption, which makes the product a focused solution for darker skin types. 1064 nm provides a deeper absorption to the hair root at the same time, while it is removing the hair deeply buried at the scalp, underarm and pubic areas by targeting bulbs and papillae. More water absorption leads to higher temperature, and the inclusion of 1064 nm wavelength increases the thermal profile of general laser treatment for the most effective laser epilation process. It is a painful epilation type due to deep effectiveness.

In many clinics, there are variations of these device types. There are situations where all of them give good results primarily.

A new generation of hybrid devices such as ice laser platinum can use these three wavelengths to achieve the same shot. The combination of three different wave lengths allows simultaneous access to different anatomical depths, allowing practitioners to achieve better efficacy and highest coverage.

Rather than exposing the hair roots to a single, high energy pulse that can cause trauma to the skin, they work by gradually bringing the hair roots to a certain temperature that causes damage to the hair roots and prevents re-growth at the same time, without harming the surrounding tissues. By providing high average power and healing heat, the excess rate of repetition of short current pulses is carried into the inner skin layer. This cools the surface of the skin, prevents superficial burns and allows an almost painless but highly effective epilation result.

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