Magic Filler

Magic fill type I atelo-collagen stimulates production of type 3 collagen-forming fibroblasts, the cornerstone of cosmetic medicine and anti-aging therapies. This filling material is safe and does not cause any side effects, but also gives excellent results.

The medical device is class III. Linerase provides optimal conditions under the skin for the restoration of collagen connective tissue. It is shown as an auxiliary agent in dermal bio-revitalization and helps regenerate connective tissue of the dermis, creating optimal conditions for the physiological neoform of collagen. It is used to prevent photoaging of body and face. The magic filler is disposable and is applied via intradermal infiltration. It receives this name because it induces hyaluronic acid production by stimulation of fibroblasts to produce neo endogenous collagen as a new tissue filler.

The dominant collagen forms in the human body are (80%) collagen Type I – fibrous skin support – and (approximately 20%) collagen type III. Thanks to collagen, the skin is elastic, firm and smooth. Unfortunately, people over the age of 25 lose up to 1.5% of this valuable item every year, and so the first wrinkles start to form.


Aesthetic medicine aims to make up for this lack with collagen vaccine and to eliminate the effects of such lack against these phenomena. The collagen vaccine is a bio-active injectable formulation used by specialist doctors, which restructures the skin, and thus restores elasticity and shine. It may be described as a breakthrough in combating the signs of aging.

What is a magic filler (Linerase)?

The best way to fight with collagen loss is to eliminate deficiencies and eliminate the effects of loss. Do you feel your skin has lost elasticity? Is not it as smooth and powerful as it was a few years ago? there is no need to worry about them anymore. Long-awaited renovations were discovered in the field of aesthetics. Aesthetic dermatology has created new opportunities for tissue restructuring with the linerase collagen vaccine. Magic fill is a special medical procedure applied by the doctor. Therapy regenerates, restructures and regains former elasticity and brightness.

For whom is this therapy done?

It can be used prophylactically after age 25 to stop the current aging process. Restores facial area, neck, hands and other skin areas of the body, and the most importatly, restores the natural beauty of the skin. Linerase magic filler can also be used safely in the treatment of atrophic scars and gingival treatment.

What are the purposes of use

Bio-revitalization support for face and whole body

Dermis and connective tissue renewal

Increase skin elasticity

Reducing wrinkles that are the symptoms of skin aging

Treatment of atrophic patches and stretch marks

Not applicable for following persons.

It is not recommended with breastfeeding, pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, tendency to keloid formation, active surgical site infection, cancer, laser treatments in the same session, deep chemical peeling. These procedures can be applied after a 14-day period.

Collagen – Magic Filler – Op Dr Belma Hawk – Videos will be placed here

How the treatment is applied
The collagen filling is applied intradermally in a liquid form by the doctor through a thin and short mesotherapy needle at 1-3 cm intervals on cleaned skin. After application, a light massage is applied on the patient’s skin. The total treatment consists of 2-4 sessions depending on the recommendation of the doctor and the condition of the skin. Initial results can be seen after 7-14 days. In order to obtain the full effect of treatment, 4 sessions are preferred at 2-week intervals. After this process, apparent differences occur in skin density and elasticity. The result is a younger look that you can enjoy for up to 12-18 months.

How does it work

The first effects are shown after 7 days with a brighter skin color and the relief of irritation on the skin and continue to develop during the treatment. The full effect of treatment (skin strain, skin density, thickening of loose skin, and filling of thin lines) is achieved within 4 weeks after completion of the therapy. The effect lasts for about 12 months and then a magic vaccine application in every quarter is the recommended treatment protocol.

t is minimally invasive and it does not require a healing period. The appropriate anesthetic cream is applied locally before the procedure is performed on very sensitive patients. However, since the product contains an anesthetic agent, it is not a standard application. Redness, burning, swelling, itching and sensitivity can occur on the injection areas. None of these symptoms require medical intervention, they disappear spontaneously after a few minutes or 3-7 days.

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