Mesotherapy is called the process of making renewable and rejuvenating injections for skin and sub-skin tissue. In addition to be the skin structure dry or normal, the procedures that the skin is needed are decided by looking at the amount of fat tissue under the skin. To give an example on this subject; at first, Skin cleansing is achieved with this application which will be preferred in the face region. So, peeling and masking is done. Then, the procedure is started by the expert who will apply mesotherapy. We can say that mesotherapy uses more than one hundred mesotherapeutics.

Uses of Mesotherapy

Many applications are preferred in the application. Mesotherapy has a great importance on the treatments such as removal of cellulite, regional weight loss treatments, treatment of scars and acne scars, treatment of stretch marks that occur during pregnancy, hair loss and facial rejuvenation treatments.

There are several situations that are important in body mesotherapy. People with diabetes, people with heart failure and patients with renal failure cannot use this application. In addition, body mesotherapy is applied to the legs, abdomen and stomach area, back and side areas of body and lower legs.

In facial mesotherapy, the upper area of the skin is cleaned and revitalized with creams applied from the outside of the skin. The application of mesotherapy with vitamin, antioxidant and some acid mixtures injected into the sub-skin layer shows its effect in the face area. The application of skin renewal by increasing the production of skin elastin and collagen also brings the skin to have a brighter appearance.

In both treatments, patients should not be exposed to sun rays after treatment. Sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes, while successful results can be obtained in the sessions last between 3 and 6 months. Thanks to Mesotherapy, which is the preferred application lately, you can do an effective treatment for all your skin problems and get a better skin structure with positive results.

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