Post-bariatric Surgery

Post-bariatric Surgery is applied to obese people, and obesity have become a serious problem in our country and worldwide since the number of obese people is much more than the number of the people suffering starvation according to the researches and it is also successfully practiced in Turkey. This application is performed to the people who are diagnosed with obesity, people whose mass index has exceeded certain ratios, and who have not succeeded in making a diet.

In Post-Bariatric Surgery, the procedures such as stomach staple, stomach or balloon application and gastric by-pass are applied. In this way patients lose weight quickly. In the same period, all the precautions against the side effect are also taken for the patients whose metabolism are monitored by specialist doctors. After bariatric surgery, unwanted skin sagging can occur on the body due to rapid weight loss. Combined surgeries are also used to correct these conditions. As a result of not consuming solid foods for a certain period after bariatric surgery, there will be also a need for medical treatment. In this process, healthy and balanced nutrition is very important in terms of the healing process. It is also recommended for the patients that they should be wait for at least one year after gastric surgery. In certain patients this time can be very long. That is why patient should act with the advice of experts in order to have a healthy body. After this application, sagging may occur in the body. Sagging on the arm and back may increase over time during post-operative periods, where deformations often occur. According to the general condition and physical examination of the patient, one or several sessions can be done in order to achieve a smoother body structure.

If volume loss exists as well as sagging on hips after this operation, which is performed through the incisions on the stomach, waist and hips, a structure prepared from the patient’s own fat tissues is injected under the lifted area for the sake of removal of this loss. Then, an application similar to the abdominal lifting process is carried out against extreme sagging. Necessary remainders are made to the patients about using corsets after the application. The hospitalization period is generally 2 days and after that, the recovery period will begin.

To whom the post-bariatric surgery is applied?

This application is intended to correct the sags and deformities on the bodies of the persons after weight loss, who were diagnosed with obesity and their mass index exceeded certain ratios.

Will there be any scar after post bariatric surgery?

After the post-bariatric surgical procedure, if a lifting process is performed on areas such as the arm, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and breast; a surgical incision would have been certainly made in these areas and there will be scars. But within 6 months these scars will become obscure

When can I return to daily life after post-bariatric surgery?

The patient may return to his/her daily life in 7-10 days after post-bariatric surgery

Is post-bariatric surgery a painful operation?

Post-bariatric surgery is not usually a painful surgery. The pain relieved with the help of the recommended painkillers and it is too small to be felt.

What is the price of postbariatric surgery?

Prices of post-bariatric surgery operations may vary depending on the number of areas to be applied and sessions to be performed.

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