Rope-surgical face lift procedure

Nowadays, facial stretching can be done without surgery by rope-surgical face lift procedure which is not a surgical application. Without any side effects, the skin can be removed with special yarns and the wrinkles are removed and stretched Thanks to this process, which will be practically done in a short time with no side effects, beautiful changes can be made in your face.

It is made by surgical sutures that are completely melted by the body are placed in the skin, and performing this suture a task of lifting the tissue under the skin. It stimulates collagen and different connective tissues and reveals regeneration process and signs of rejuvenation on the skin. At the end of the application, these sutures dissolve in the body within 1 year approximately, and the effects last for up to 2 years.

To whom can rope-surgical face lift procedure be applied?

rope-surgical face lifting operations can be applied to all people who do not have any health problems. It is stated that the more useful age group is between 35 and 50 years old. It also can show its effects mostly on the patients suffering from sagging in the mid-face area and pores at under-eye areas, sagging on cheeks and eyebrows. It is important that anyone who has a genuine expectation prefer this practice.

This procedure, which is made with specially produced surgical sutures and requires an examination before it is applied, is started after the appropriateness of the patients has been determined. Local anesthetic cream is applied to the area and waited for its effects, and then special needles are placed through the cannulas to perform the hanging and stretching tasks on the points that are deemed appropriate by the doctor. In addition, after positioning these sutures on the required spots in a practical way is completed, soothing creams are applied on the skin and the rope-surgical face lift procedure is completed. You can get a younger look even in one-session rope-surgical face lift treatment since the sutures show their effects immediately after placing them under the skin. To get better results, it should be said that side effects such as swelling, and redness can be seen as well.

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