Skin Spot Treatment

Laser spot treatment, which is the most recent effective treatment of skin spots recently, is applied in the treatment of freckles, moles, birthmarks and sunspots. The number of sessions can vary according to the depth of the stains, the sex, and the skin structure of the person. For example, a process to be applied in a freckle treatment can result after 4 or 5 sessions. This period can last up to 10 to 15 sessions for birthmarks.

Expectations After Spot Treatments

Positive results can be obtained according to depth, type of the spots and skin structure after spot treatment with laser. In this sense, treatment results may also vary depending on the type of person’s spots. Patients are informed in detail before the treatment is applied by an expert doctor.

Points to take into Consideration in Spot Treatment

Stain Treatments performed by lasers require expertise. This also indicates that treatments of the people with dark skin color should be made more carefully. Since this type of skins has more potential to get spotted, procedures must be made without causing irritation after determination of laser type to be used. This treatment also requires experience in people with a sensitive and reddish skin structure. Because such skin types can also experience reactive spotting.

Devices Used in Spot Treatment

In this treatment, 5 kinds of laser treatment is possible. These devices, which differ in their effect mechanisms, give results in a short time.

KTP Laser: It is known as the laser which can best catch the color matter, but it cannot easily reach the lower tissues of the skin. In this sense, it is said that it is only successful in superficial spots.

Fractional Laser: These lasers, which can regenerate the skin, are often used in Spot treatment applications. It is known that treatment success is high at different rates. It should also be known that the probability of increasing staining is high for such type of laser. As a result, this laser is not used on dark skins and reddish skins.

IPL system: With this device, which is also known as the light system and gives successful results in spot treatment, you can get result in several sessions.

Q-Switched ND YAG Laser: These lasers are capable of shooting a lot of shots in a short time and the treatment is applied without affecting the surrounding cells. It causes no damage to the skin and successful results can be obtained.

Carbon Peeling: Carbon solution is applied to spotted areas about 15 to 20 minutes before YAG laser is applied. Then, this laser is applied with intervals of 1 to 3 weeks.

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