Youth Vaccine

After 20 years of age, Youth Vaccine can be applied to all skin types. It is used for refreshing and moisturizing the visible surfaces of the skin in order to prevent the elasticity loss and gaps on the facial area. Since the hydration and volume support will be required following the reduction of the hyaluronic acid, application of this vaccine is recommended.

This is a procedure that should be preferred together with reduction of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Because of the sagging in the face area, restructuring may be necessary. You should also prefer it in order to to avoid loss of volume around the cheekbones and bagging that may occur under the eyes. With the loss of volume in these areas, the face region sags downwards, and your face expression becomes more tired and depressed. As we take a look on the effect of the Youth Vaccine, it increases volume of the skin by drawing plenty of water in the skin, and it provides a serious care since it structures the face upwards and shows its effect in a short time period. The most important feature distinguishes it from the different fillings applied on patients is being it used with different acid densities. In other words, since it can be shaped according to the preferences ıf the patients, it can be applied through various techniques on desired areas. Skin is restructured with the effect of the acid and it results with a brighter and more healthy appearance the results can be seen Immediately after the application. The results are durable for a 6 to 8 months period, depending on the skin structure of the person. When done regularly, this effect shows its durability for a much longer period of time. The main purpose is to create the basis of a healthy skin.

Since there is no substance in it which may cause any allergic reaction, Youth Vaccine application has no side effect. It can be applied to the jaw area and upper parts of the jaw, upper cheek area, cheek gaps, upper hand and cleavage area in all skin types, The skin is restructured with the effect of the hyaluronic acid and the results can be obtained very fast. You can benefit from this application in order to get rid of the fine wrinkles upon the change of skin color and losing its healthy appearance by loss of its volume. As stated, you can see the results when it is regularly applied in a healthy way after mid-twenties.

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